How Solar Works

Turn Your Roof Into a Power Plant

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You own the sun. Well, not exactly, but you do have the right to its power. Why not put it good use? With solar technology, you can turn your rooftop into a power plant. Here’s what you’ll need.

Most houses use AC power, but solar panels generate DC power. Enter the inverter: problem solved.

This allows the electricity to travel from the solar panels to the inverter and then into your house safely.

These elegant devices will sit on your rooftop and turn sunlight directly into electricity without noise or emissions. How cool is that?

(OPTIONAL) Want to go totally off-the-grid? Store your own electricity, consume it when you want to, and say goodbye to electric bills!

Plugging your solar system into the power meter means flexibility. When you're not using your solar electricity, you may be able to share with your neighbors and earn a credit from your local utility.