Raw Material

From the start of production until today, we have promoted the establishment and operation of high-quality facilities and production processes. Our manufacturing facilities are certified according to ISO 9001. The quality control systems are effectively, comprehensively and strictly enforced at every single production level - from material supply, cell and module production to the shipment of the finalized products. As a vertically integrated company, SLG Solar has direct influence on the product quality along the entire value chain.


Material suppliers and Inspections

SLG Solar maintains high-quality standards for all materials used in our products. Our suppliers undergo a stringent selection process. We have quality assurance agreements with each supplier, who must provide documented proof of manufacturing quality and environmental standards. We even go so far as auditing our suppliers' factories to ensure our high standards are met.

Visual inspections by experienced technicians further examine every component that arrives at our production plant. Only the highest quality, most flawless materials enter the production cycle.

Safety Glass

Our technicians closely inspect safety glass for physical properties such as warping, perpendicularity, dimensions and edge finish. Any glass with crystalline inclusions, bubbles or edge damage is immediately removed. Material properties and tolerances are precisely defined and closely matched. Materials that do not meet standards do not continue into production. We use thick, low-iron glass and optimize the mechanical strength to ensure they can easily deal with extreme loads. Plus, a special anti-reflection coating maximizes efficiency and yield.

Back Sheet

The quality of the back sheet and EVA are critical to the long-term durability of our solar panels, enabling them to withstand extreme weather conditions and UV irradiation. In fact, few suppliers in the world can meet our high criteria.

Solar Cells

Solar cells are the most important component of any solar panel, which is why we don’t trust their production to anyone else. We are completely vertically integrated, meaning we undertake all steps of production of our panels. We begin with raw polysilicon chunks, and melt them down to produce the perfect crystal that will eventually be turned into a Solar World solar cell.