Financial Advice

Solar Financing - Power Purchase Agreement

For those customers who do not want to pay the upfront costs of installing a solar system on their commercial property, SLG Solar will work with our financial specialists to implement a Solar Power Purchase Agreement. In these cases, SLG Solar will arrange the financing to fund the initial solar system cost and build the system on the property owner's premises. We will maintain and operate the solar system for the length of the agreement. In return, the customer will buy their electricity usually at a lower, more stable price than they are currently paying. At the end of the PPA term, the customer can either purchase the solar system (at fair market value) or a new PPA can be established.

PPA Benefits

  • Customer pays only for the power generated by the facility, not solar equipment or installation.
  • Zero upfront costs.
  • Energy costs are more stable than buying energy from utility companies.
  • Hassle-free, we provide maintenance services and repair any faults.
  • Simple approval process.
  • Customer and the environment benefit from the use of clean, renewable energy.

Application Possibilities

Solar Power Purchase Agreements can be used for residential and commercial rooftops, ground-mounted systems, utility scale solar farms, carports, street lights, and more.