After-Sales Services

Solar Power systems are often thought to be maintenance free. However, as many solar power system owners may well know, taking steps to carry out occasional repairs and maintenance will ensure that the performance of your system can be maximized.

Neglecting to maintain your well designed solar power system can cause you to lose out financially over the years to come.


Solar Maintenance and Repair Services

  • Preventative maintenance.
  • Fault finding and rectification (Solar OnGrid, Offgrid and Pumps).
  • Professional panel cleaning.
  • Clean the inverter in order to minimise the possibility of dust entering the equipment.
  • The system outputs and Inverter data will also be checked to ensure the system is working to its full capacity, and that system yields are in line with the specifications.
  • Interconnections and cables/conduits are mechanically secure.
  • Tests and checks are carried out to confirm that your system is consistent with high safety standards.